Every project receives the same amount of attention, commitment and care. I deliver beautiful, quality results, regardless of the task.


I am passionate about design & each project I work on. Each client and company is unique and their design must reflect that.


The details make the whole.
They’ll never go unnoticed.


I am a well rounded designer & leader who is capable of multiple forms and styles of design and direction.

I'm always interested in hearing about new opportunities.

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What others are saying

Jessica took a cool logo and from this created an incredible brand. She has taken my vision and matched it with her creative energy never beyond the scope of what I had prescribed but just far enough to where I felt still connected to the process. She has great resource to take an online from concept to completion. I am totally satisfied with where we have come thus far in our professional relationship.

Awan Johnson, Owner of Awant Excellence

When a project is running behind, or a request for an icon comes late, Jessica will restructure her workload to help out any way she can. She works fast and iterates her designs even faster, quickly incorporating ideas of her own or her colleagues to guide a project towards a beautiful, functional solution in a short period of time. I never worried about Jessica getting her share of the work done – I only worried about keeping up with her

Brian Caruso, Developer at Appature

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